What Deadlines?

Remember that funny thing I said in a blogpost a couple months back about how we were going to be in the house by Christmas?

HA..ha….haha. I think deep down I knew it was never going to happen but I was choosing to go the wishful thinking route. We do, however, have walls now! Which may not sound like much but the place practically feels livable compared to when we started. We are finally in the stages of putting things back together instead of tearing them apart, and it feels damn good.

It has been far too long since I’ve updated everyone on what’s going on with the house, but I can only post so many photos of a really gross house, ya know? We have sheet rock that is up and now that we can no longer see through all the walls into the other rooms it is actually starting to feel like house and not just a construction zone.

A lot has happened. We replaced all the plumbing, HVAC system, and electrical. If you have ever remodeled a house I am sure all you see there is $$$ because that is all I can see now. My father lovingly refers to our future home as the Money Pit. It’s stuff that had to be done and since we are never ever ever leaving this house we will thank ourselves in the end. Okay so realistically we are not going to be spending the rest of our lives in this house, but a lot of it!

I know what you really want are some photos, so here we go:Let’s start with front room, which is going to be the dining room. In case you didn’t remember, we took down the hideous wood paneling that was in here and opened up the wall on the left side of fireplace. Now we have some flow between the dining room and kitchen.Here is the kitchen difference so far, huge!!! We extended the bar top on the right that’s between the kitchen and living room so that we could have more cabinet space. We also brought out a wall where the corner was because we are putting our range and oven in that corner. It will be the first thing that draws attention as you walk into the kitchen, I can’t wait until we get the cabinets and appliances in to see the finished look!Another HUGE difference you can see in these photos is that the big, ugly, brown beam is now gone!! Our contractor kept telling us that even though moving the beam up into the ceiling would cost more money, it would be more than worth it in the end. Chase was on board but I really wasn’t too convinced, but in the end I told Chase he could decide. Well I am SO glad I did because it seriously opens up that kitchen and brings the two rooms together.

The air unit used to be in a closet that was to the left of the exposed brick. We moved the new one into the ceiling so now we have a pantry, which I am way too excited about. The brick is of course staying exposed and will be a dry bar/coffee bar. That’s the current battle Chase and I are having ;)–he wants it to be a dry bar and I want a coffee bar. The walkway we created from the dining room was much needed for some natural light.We got rid of the silly, extra door that was in the living room and replaced it with a window.One of my favorite changes so far is this one. We are adding a gas fireplace to the living room! This room is so big and really didn’t have a focal point, and this small change is making the world of a difference!

And now I’m kicking myself for not taking more photos of the master before we took down walls and added windows. See in the first photo how there are two doorways on that wall and one big window on the left? Well now we just have the one doorway. We turned the bathroom and closet into one big closet, and we made that big window a little window so that the neighbors aren’t looking directly into our bedroom. We added a second little window on the other side so that our bed would be centered between the two. We also added a sliding glass door where there was once a window and it makes the room really feel like a master suite!

Remember this scary half blue room? I try to forget it because it looks like someone was murdered before they could finish their paint job….well now it is our master bathroom!! It was hard to get photos because it’s a little small, but we made the window a little smaller because we moved the wall over to make our bedroom bigger. The second picture is a little cave for the toilet, and the third picture is our shower. Kind of confusing, but you get the gist of it.

For now, that’s it!! We’ve met with our cabinet guy and soon the doors will come in. Things are supposed to move pretty quickly from here on out so hopefully that means more frequent blog posts about the house!

Thanks for reading and being interested in this crazy adventure we are on :).



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