We Bought a House!!

Chase and I are one of the millions of Americans that obsess over the HGTV show Fixer Upper. We binge watch it as soon as new seasons are released on Netflix and if there is a marathon on tv (there always is) then we binge watch it there too. We are at the point of seeing a couple episodes twice and we seriously consider watching some a third time. We refer to Chip and Joanna Gaines (the hosts, for those of you that live under a rock) as if we know them personally and laugh at their inside jokes that make it on-screen. It’s a problem, we’re dealing with it.

When we lived in Chico we lived in a 975 square foot condo that we remodeled into our dream home (I’ll insert some photos below). It was complete with subway tile, a farmhouse sink, vaulted ceilings, a walk-in shower…..I could go on and on. We loved that place. Then life happened and we decided to move back home to good ol’ Yuba City. I don’t think we even made it a full year in our little dream home when we sold it. That part was sad, but living closer to family and friends has made it worth it.

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We are lucky enough to currently live on property that has been in Chase’s family for a very long time. It is four acres and insanely beautiful, we’re actually getting married here too. However, it’s just a temporary solution and we moved back knowing we would buy a house sooner rather than later. We also knew that we would want something that needed some work. We got a taste of the renovation bug last year and now we can’t be stopped.

I can’t tell you how many people have told us not to start our marriage with a house renovation. You always hear horror stories of big blowout fights over bathroom tiles and light fixtures. Well I will tell you now, that couple is not us. We live for that stuff. Our foreplay is dreaming of butcher block counters and double shower heads. Okay, that may be taking it a bit far, but you get the point. We stay up late into the night and discuss kitchen cabinets and paint colors. We get excited when we have a room completely figured out. We empty bottles of wine while discussing the floor plan. Seriously, Chip and Joanna would love us. They need to be our friends.

We found a house in a neighborhood that we love a few months back. It was exactly what we were looking for: a run down house on a big lot with great bones. The only problem was that it was about 40k over what we could spend. So we put it in the back of our mind and kept looking. Well at the beginning of July I decided to take a look at our “dream house” again and I was practically jumping up and down when I saw that the price had been lowered a monumental amount. On 4th of July weekend we put in an offer without having even stepped foot in the house. We like to live life on the edge like that.

Our offer was accepted, and then began the long process of inspection after inspection. There were a lot of things deterring us from this house. To name a few: termites, rotted siding, a leak in the roof, and an unkept backyard that could be home to a number of any creatures. And while these things made us take a step back and really consider if this house was a good fit for us, I think we knew the whole time. We loved it the second we saw it, and that’s saying a lot if you were to take a look at the state it is currently in. I will post photos eventually, but not until they are before and after photos. Or maybe some before and during photos.

Yesterday we got the keys and the first thing we did was go over there, pop champagne, and walk around and talk about all the plans we had for our future home. We can’t wait to watch this dream come true with our first real house. This is going to be the house we will have our children in. The house that we are going to start life in as husband and wife. This house means a lot, it means everything, and now we get to make it our own.

I am going to take you all on this adventure with us and document each step. Ready or not, here we go!




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