This House is Almost A Home

I’m back again with another house update and let me tell you we have some serious progress! No more holes in the walls, floors, or ceilings. No more scary bugs hiding around every corner. (I’m looking at you, black widow infested spare bathroom.) While the outside of the house is something that will get done later in the year, the inside has come so far. It looks like we will be moving in NEXT MONTH. As we get closer Chase and I are slowly turning into giddy children on Christmas Eve. Sometimes I have to ask Chase to pinch me when we leave the house after a day of work because I can’t believe that we are actually going to be living there.

Although we are on the back end of January and we originally thought we would be in the house last month…things are looking great. Like actually looking great, not just going great. We have shiplap up and the floors are swept and ready for flooring and oh-em-gee the MOULDING. I am married to a man who sells moulding and other wood products so really it was only a matter of time until I too fell in love with that industry. Well what better way then to start the love affair then with our first house? Chase picked out all our door and window casing and of course our crown and base. I didn’t see what any of those choices were until we showed up at the house and our contractor was putting them together to show us. It was pretty much the same situation with the doors. Chase had a vision on what he wanted and he NAILED it. The doors and the door casing are very much craftsman style, which is perfect since we love the farmhouse look.

I’m going to brag here for a second: I am so lucky that my partner in life loves house design like I do. We don’t always agree on things and sometimes one of us gets what we want and the other just doesn’t, but he always has an opinion or an idea and he is always willing to spitball said opinions and ideas with me. I’ve known since day one what kind of tile and flooring I wanted in the house, but moulding? I would have torn my hair out trying to decide on those details. Then in comes my husband with the perfect (for us) choices and as our contractor is casing out the doors and windows I continually squeal with excitement at how great it all looks. Okay, so that rant was longer than a second but I couldn’t help it.

Back to where I was: we put up the shiplap and moulding and boy oh boy our house is slowly turning into a home. The shiplap took us far longer than I like to admit BUT 5 years down the road we will look back at it and remember the entire weekend it took us to get it up. Last week we met with the cabinet guy to lock in details and those should be done at the end of this month. We are getting TWO pull-out spice racks and I am irrationally excited over that. The painters show up tomorrow to prime everything and after next week the whole house will be painted!

So today I am going to post some more progress photos. Mostly just of the rooms with shiplap and where you can really see the moulding because everything else pretty much looks the same! What is exciting about these photos is they will be the last round of them until the big reveal. Come mid-February we should be moving in!!

Here is the living room. I can’t decide what I love the most: the shiplap, the beams, all the windows, or…..

THE FIREPLACE!!! Well, the soon-to-be fireplace. And above that will be the t.v.

Here is the view into the kitchen. We extended the shiplap into the kitchen on one wall.

Here is a close up of the window that used to be a door.

This might be my favorite view right now. This is the door that leads into our master and you can see the shiplap, moulding, and five panel door all in one lovely spot!

I am SO GLAD we followed my dad’s advice and added these two little windows in the master.

Here is a view of our closet(left) and entrance to the master.

If you love woodwork like we do then you probably enjoyed this post as much as I did! Well, probably not, but I hope you enjoyed the mini preview before things get finished up. We are so close I can’t stand it!




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  1. Seriously, just looking at these photos makes ME giddy! What a magical time for you both – creating a home can be stressful at times, but at the end of the day, when you move in, it will be truly YOURS. Can’t wait to see how you decorate!
    xo, Haley
    p.s. fist-bump for being name twins!

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