The Tile Affair

As I sit here writing this post there are people in our house laying flooring right now. Right. Now. Flooring is going down. Do you know how big this is? DO YOU?! In case you didn’t know, flooring is one of the final steps to renovation. So I am excited. However, I am trying not to get too excited, because when I do something bad always happens.

For those of you who follow me on Snapchat, I did a bunch of posts in the beginning of the month before we left for a week long vacation. While we were gone the cabinets, tile, AND flooring were all supposed to start. I was a giddy school girl. I couldn’t wait to see our transformed home when we got back and start moving in. Weeeelllllll that was about a month ago. While we were gone our cabinets got pushed back for the millionth time and who knows what happened with the tile. What was there when we got back was our fireplace, vent hood, and light fixtures. Which was exciting all on its own.

Then we get back from vacation and The Great Flood of 2017 was threatening our little Northern California area. Want to guess where the tile guys lived? Oroville. Did I feel like a spoiled brat being upset about our tile when thousands of people were being evacuated from their homes because the Oroville Dam might break? You betcha. Our cabinets were then pushed back again because most businesses in the area closed all week due to the emergency.

Slowly the shit show that was that week passed by. Last week our tile started going in, and it was like walking into the house after it finally got painted. Jaw dropping. When you buy a house that is falling apart, smells terrible, and is so disgusting that only black widows are living there, every single change is a big one. Now that these cosmetic changes are finally starting I am imagining Chase and I actually getting to live our lives in this home that we dreamed up together. It feels so surreal and sometimes I can’t sleep because I am so excited. In a couple of weeks I will get to wake up in a bedroom that is covered in SHIPLAP. That is every die hard Fixer Upper fan’s wet dream.

So back to this tile. In our last home Chase and I already had the Fixer Upper bug so of course our bathroom had subway tile in it. We loved our little bathroom in our condo. It had subway tile, charcoal grey slate floors, and an antique dresser as the vanity. It was small, really small, but we loved it. (If you missed my post with all the pictures of our condo you can read it here.) I wanted to branch out with our master bath, but I knew that I wanted our spare bath to be pretty similar to that one in the condo. As soon as I saw it with the tile I knew we made the right choice.

We are still waiting on the cabinets…of course. Those should get in tomorrow or Tuesday. (Fingers crossed.) I love this bathroom so much already that I might just have to go back and forth between the two so that I can spend enough time in it. I am only half joking.

Our master bath is a whole other story…Chase and I knew we wanted a patterned tile on the floor. We have been browsing the internet for months trying to find the perfect tile. We knew we wanted it to be white and grey, and not too loud of a pattern. Then we had to find one we both loved, Chase wanted to go for a more geometrical star patttern and I wanted a vintage pattern. Which is funny because usually it’s the other way around, I love triangles and harsh lines and Chase always goes for the more traditional and timeless styles.

We finally found THE tile on Overstock and ordered it. It arrived and waited patiently in our master bedroom until the tile guys could come and install it. They started the master bathroom floor early in the week, and after the first day our tile guy texts me to tell me that we are one box short of the tile. I tell him, “No problem, I’ll order another box. It should be here this week.” I go to Overstock and what do you know, our tile is out stock. “Indefinitely” is what it tells me. I try not to panic. I google the name and manufacture of the tile to see if maybe it’s on Ebay or Amazon or something.

Our tile is white with a grey pattern on it. And it was gone. NOWHERE on the internet. You know what they did have? The same tile, but the colors were reversed. So the tile was grey and had a white pattern on it. THE SAME TILE WITH REVERSED COLORS. Who does that?!?! I felt like the butt of some cosmic tile joke. And of course the tile guys start at the back of the bathroom and work their way to the door, because that’s just how you do it. So the missing tile pieces would be perfectly in sight. I of course call our tile guy in a panic and he says that we can lift up the tiles that go under the vanity and hopefully that will be enough to fill up the missing pieces in the front. But of course, Chase and I had our cabinet guy design us a vanity that is open at the bottom, so you can still see under the vanity. We were going to have to have 4 tiles that didn’t match go under our vanity, which honestly isn’t the worst thing in the world but it was a bummer. Let’s just say I had a few extra glasses of wine that night.

Then, the next day I woke up with  an email from Overstock. “Good news! Your tile is back in stock!” It was then, that I was quite positive someone “up there” was having a really, really good laugh at our expense. So now our bathroom floor is almost all done, we are just waiting on the last box of tile to arrive so we can fill in those missing squares in the back. Oh the joys of remodeling.

We are also waiting on some really awesome black hexagon tile for the shower floor, and the walls are like the subway tile, but square instead of rectangle. We also have that same square tile going into the kitchen, but that doesn’t go in until after cabinets and countertops go in. Once we have all that tile in I will definitely be posting some more photos!  Also, how many times do you think I said the word “tile” in this post? I’ll give someone a whole nickel if they count and write it in the comments.

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