The Honeymooners-Part Two

I never meant for these two posts to have such a large gap in them. I was ready to jump back into blogging, head first and ready to go. Then the flu came. Oh, and it came with a vengeance. As I was cursing myself for not getting the flu shot I was asked by roughy 57 people, “Did you get the flu shot?” No, of course I didn’t. That would be way too sensible. So I laid around for 4 1/2 days, which sounds really great but it was actually the kind of sick where you question if you were ever actually really healthy because you don’t remember what that or the sun looks like. I am finally coming out of it though, and did not die like I could have sworn I was going to.

As I was laying on my death bed I found myself looking back on better times. Times when I was the picture of health and laying on the beach next to my husband. (Like I’ve ever been the picture of health.) Our second week of the honeymoon was spent in relatively the same area as the first, but at The Hard Rock Hotel. Immediately after we arrived, Chase and I looked at each other and said, “Hard Rock Forever.” The Hard Rock Riviera Maya was basically a brand new resort packed with people who just want to get you drunk. We stayed on the adult side and it was all decadence, booze, and pampering. It’s an all inclusive resort, and everyone was so nice. Our room was smaller but so much better. It had a very modern design, and the best part of all, a jacuzzi tub in the middle of the room.

The resort was a little different, there was no real beach like at Vidante, but there were lots of lagoons which actually enabled us to be right next to the water. They were peaceful, right next to one of the many bars, and were filled with HUGE fish that were not the least bit afraid of people.


We visited the spa multiple times, one of them for a couples massage and chocolate body wrap where we soaked in an ocean-front hot tub with champagne, berries, and chocolate. We looked at each other several times and asked, “Is this real life?” The pool bar was constantly thriving with a DJ, bachelorette parties, and drunk newlyweds.

We scheduled a sunset booze cruise for one of our evenings and met some fun people from Virginia. The booze cruise led to a booze-filled dinner which then led to bar hopping around the resort. Needless to say we didn’t leave the hotel room once the next day, and ordered room service three times. Besides the hangovers, it was actually one of our favorite days. With the wedding and the house, we couldn’t remember the last time we had gotten to really sleep in, let alone stay in bed all day and just be lazy. I think we made it through the entire first season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. #NoShame


We went to another park called Xelha, which is very similar to Xplor but more relaxed. We spent the day floating, snorkeling, hiking, and swimming with dolphins. They even had a couple over-the-water ziplines. One of the awesome things about these parks is that you wear bracelets that have barcodes on them and they have cameras set up everywhere. So you can walk, swim, climb to the camera and scan your bracelet and it takes your photo! Incredibly convenient when there is only two of you and you don’t want to constantly bug people to take your photo (which I did anyway).



Xelha also had a dolphin experience, which Chase told me at the beginning of our trip that he saved up for us to swim with the dolphins because he knew it was something I really wanted to do. Anything to do with animals and I am all in. So of course we went with the big package where they swim around you and over you and all that good stuff. It was fun, so much fun and just all around cool. Those dolphins loved Chase. You would think he had lined his swim suit with fish or something. He even got them to roll over for him while he scratched their bellies, he was like a kid in a candy store. I’m pretty sure he enjoyed it more than I did, and that is hard to do.

img_3442 img_3443

When we were done swimming with the dolphins we went straight to the inlet to snorkel, just couldn’t get enough of that ocean life. Apparently the ocean life couldn’t get enough of Chase because about 15 seconds in he got stung by a jellyfish. In the face. We decided to head to the first aid station right away because A) we had the rest of the day at the park and B) Chase wouldn’t let me pee on him. I offered, I was a good wife and told him that I would do that for him, but I got a hard no.

Anyways, we arrive at the first aid building to find a line, which is never a good sign. As we are walking up a woman sees Chase holding his face and asks us, “Did you get bit too?” Thinking that she was talking about the jellyfish, Chase jokingly asked, “Yah, are they attacking or something?” And the lady just looked at us with fear in her eyes after telling us that two of the people in their group were attacked. I thought she was being a little grave for the topic of jellyfish, but everyone has their fears. So Chase walks through the door as I wait outside because it was crowded inside, and he walks right back outside a moment later. It turns out the group of people ahead of us in the first aid line was actually the group right behind us at the dolphin experience, and they were indeed attacked. By dolphins. The dolphins, well one dolphin, became uncontrollable and attacked people while they were swimming with them. The trainers called it “playing aggressively” but you should have seen the size of the welts on the two men that were bit. One man had a giant welt on his side from where the dolphin grabbed him through his life jacket. The other man was limping from where the dolphin dragged him around by his foot. Needless to say, we probably won’t be swimming with dolphins again anytime soon, and I am definitely questioning if the dolphins are as happy as the trainers say they are. It certainly makes for a good story, Chase and I still laugh about, even if it’s one of those nervous, fearful kind of laughs…..just kidding. Mostly.

We did meet some wildlife that was perfectly harmless and very friendly, and his name was Nicholi. And now Chase wants a pet a toucan.


We really did have the cliche “best honeymoon ever” kind of honeymoon. Although we were ready to get back home, it was sad to be leaving our little bubble of bliss. Something I highly recommend doing as soon as you get home is making a photo/memory book of your trip. I made one on Shutterfly and keep it on our coffee table. There’s even a little pocket at the back where I put our resort bracelets and plane tickets.

I am sad to say that is the last of the honeymoon posts, I wish I could relive it all over and over. Don’t worry, as soon as we get the rest of our wedding photos back there will be a nice, long post about those ;). Now I need to go finish our Thank You’s, better late than never.















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