The Honeymooners-Part One

One of the adult, married couple decisions we made while on the honeymoon was that from now on whenever Chase and I are on a vacation we are going to say we are on our honeymoon…this may sound wrong, it may sound like a lie (which it is), but people just love honeymooners. Like it brings other people actual joy when they come across a couple that is on their honeymoon. We met so many people that were more excited for us then we were. Besides all the free food, which was mostly dessert, honeymooning is just plain fun. We decided we could be professional honeymooners. Is there a job opening for that? There should be.

When Chase and I first got engaged the thing we were most excited about was the honeymoon. We couldn’t wait to go on what would probably be the longest vacation either of us had ever been on, and the longest one Chase would ever be able to take off work. We knew we wanted to go somewhere that we could adventure a lot, so Mexico ended up being the perfect decision. We have both been to Mexico a few times with our families, but it’s so different when you go as an “adult.” It’s also a great option because it isn’t crazy expensive. We had quite a few nice dinners that would have been well over $100 at home.

I’m going to be ridiculous and make our honeymoon a two part post. I’m doing this because our honeymoon was in two parts, we split the 12 days between two different resorts. I also just enjoy writing about it and reliving it and I don’t want to forget a single detail.

Our first part of the trip was spent at the Vidante in Riviera Maya. The resort was HUGE and set in the middle of the jungle. Our room was pretty much at the center of it all and it was about a 10 minute walk to anywhere we wanted to go. At first we were kind of bummed, but as Fitbit wearers it became our favorite part. We hit that 10K step mark every day, early in the day, and the paths through the jungle were old and wooden and beautiful. It was a romantic walk through the jungle everywhere we went and we always saw some sort of wildlife.


The food at Vidante was so good. They had a French, Italian, Mexican, and Caribbean restaurant. The French was Chase’s favorite, but one of our absolute favorite dishes was a shrimp Ceviche at the Caribbean place that was not at all our idea of ceviche–the shrimp came whole, the onions were pickled, and it came with pineapple. I’m drooling just thinking about it.


There was a beautiful, private beach that had big docks and bungalows that went out into the ocean. I liked relaxing on the beach and Chase’s favorite was the pool, which was huge. Either way, naps were had while next to some form of water which means our main mission was accomplished.

The swimsuit I’m wearing in this photo was  under $20, super comfy, and I got a zillion compliments on it. I also wore it a zillion times. I found it here—> Blooming Jelly Women’s Crochet Hollow Out Deep V Neck Hater One Piece Swimsuit Bathing Suit Black M on Amazon.



Right across the street from Vidante was the theatre where Cirque Du Soleil-Joya was being performed. Chase and I are both fans of Cirque Du Soleil shows, so we were already interested. However, this show in particular is the only one that includes dinner. That locked it in for us, and I am SO glad we went. The show itself wasn’t the most impressive one we have seen, but the three course meal before it was so amazing. They started us off with an appetizer that was…well, smoking. There really isn’t any other way to describe it. There was smoked swordfish, crab dip, melon caviar, goat cheese, some kind of fancy, delicious ham, oh and you could eat the menu. Yes, the menu was some sort of cracker that you could eat. The entree was a beef short rib that melted in your mouth. Dessert was served in an old book and the ingredients related to different parts of the show. It was all jaw dropping. And delicious, so delicious.

The Theatre
The Theatre
The "Smoking" Appetizer
The “Smoking” Appetizer

We also went to a park called Xplor during our first week. There were 14 ziplines, underwater caves, and ATVs. Also a buffet that we ate at twice so I really feel like we got our money’s worth. It was an intense, adventurous day. You walk up to the top of each zipline, exhausted by the time you get up there, but the view totally makes it worth it. You can see miles and miles of lush green forest. AND one of the ziplines led to a water slide that slid you into a pool in the caves, a personal favorite of mine.

Aren’t those orange helmets super stylish?

I’m pretty sure we got lost in the caves at least twice and I almost killed us while driving the ATV. The best (and worst) thing about parks like this is that there is no way they would be legal in the USA because of all the safety codes. They  give you an ATV and let you drive through the jungle and in and out of caves at top speeds. Chase wasn’t too eager to get back on them after I drove us, he held onto the “oh shit” bar the entire time.


Seriously, it’s impossible not to look like dweebs in those helmets. Anyways, one of the coolest/creepiest things about the park was swimming through the underground rivers that ran throughout the caves. You could float on your back and look up and see 100s of bats along the ceiling of the caves.

The first week was full of adventure and food. The second week was more food and also a dolphin attack. No seriously, stay tuned. (See? There’s my hook…)




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  1. Looks like an incredible trip! I love that you stayed at two resorts during your vacation! My husband and I did that, too, for our honeymoon in St. Lucia last April. We got some strange looks when we told people our plan, but I’m so glad we did it! The two resorts were SO different – and we just couldn’t choose – so we got to enjoy the best of both worlds (and two ends of the island)!

    Looking forward to seeing the photos from part 2!

    xx Allison

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    1. Yes, people were so confused when we told them we were resort hopping! I’m glad we did though, 12 days in one place would have gotten a little old I think. Thanks for following along Allison!
      PS-Your food photography is always making me drool!

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