The Final Days & A Trip to Texas

Rumor has it that we will be able to move into our house next week. Now that we are actually this close it doesn’t feel real. There are still some things that need to be finished but we are now at the point where if we move in it won’t slow anything down.

Our cabinets went in this week and all that is left are a couple doors and drawers that the cabinet guy is finishing up. Our countertops also went in this week and they look SO GOOD. We went with a white quartz that looks like marble. We learned that marble is actually terrible to have in the kitchen because it absorbs liquid and stains very easily.  Countertops were probably the hardest thing for us to pick out. That and our kitchen cabinet color. I am happy to say though that we chose perfectly. The cabinet color is a perfect grey-blue that adds color to the kitchen but also keeps it bright. We were worried about the kitchen being dark because there aren’t any windows in it.


We wanted our master bathroom vanity to be rustic and look more natural, so those cabinets were given a rough sanding and then white washed so you can still see the wood grain. The finished product is so unique and I love it. It could not have turned out any better. We went with the same countertops throughout the whole house-except the kitchen island. The island we are going to do some sort of wood top, butcher block maybe. It would have cost us almost $2,000 to get a giant slab of quartz for just the island, so we decided on cheaper option because that’s just insanity. Luckily Chase works at a mill so we will be able to find something at the decent price of FREE!

Our spare bathroom cabinets are the same color as the kitchen, which is actually a mistake on the cabinet guy’s part (he has been a nightmare), BUT I actually really like the blue color in that bathroom. They were supposed to be the same finish as our master bathroom vanity but I like the idea that the master vanity will be unique. We still don’t have a mirror purchased for the spare bath yet but I think we are going to purchase two of these ones from Ikea. We used this mirror in our bathroom renovation in Chico and we loved it so much we thought it would look great in here too, since this bathroom is basically a replica of that one.

This week the tile gets finished up, the baseboards go in, the last few light fixtures go in, the appliances get installed, then the house gets cleaned and it is move-in ready!

Something else big happening this week is that we leave for Texas on Friday! We are going with Chase’s parents to the Roundtop Antique Fair and then we are road tripping to WACO! For the Fixer Upper fans you know what that means, we are going to Magnolia Market! For you non Fixer Upper fans, that is the store that is run by Chip and Joanna, and they also opened up a bakery that I can’t wait to eat at. We are so freakin’ excited. Chase’s parents are renting a U-Haul and driving it back to California so we are also hoping to load up on antiques for the house. I still can’t believe that when we come back on Tuesday we will be ready to move into our house. Someone pinch me.

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