The Curious Thing About Twenty-Six

So I’ve been thinking about writing this post since the 6th, the day before my birthday. Birthdays are these big, weird things that change drastically as you get older. As a child they are the best day of the year, a whole day dedicated to you. As you grow older you begin to dread them. You pass 21 and suddenly you want to stop, to slow down time.

I’m still young, so young, and I am perfectly aware of that. I’m happy about that. However, for people my age the big, scary age is 25. You hit 25 and suddenly you’re “old.” Twenty-five never scared me, I can’ tell you why. Sure, I felt “old”, but it sure beats the alternative, doesn’t it? That is something my dad is always saying. He will mention, or I will, or someone else will, that they are not looking forward to turning another year older. His response is always the same, “Well it beats the alternative, doesn’t it?” This makes me wonder, why don’t more people have this point of view? I have always wanted to know that.

This year I turned 26. This age has been the most difficult for me, and I couldn’t quite place why. Why wasn’t I looking forward to 26 like I was 25? Well for one, I get kicked off my parents insurance. Adulting blows, just kidding….kinda.

Anyways, I decided to write myself a letter of sorts. What better way to work through your emotional issues then talk to yourself in third person?


Dear Haley,

Please don’t forget how amazing 25 was. How amazing, scary, and life changing it was. You got engaged (in the best way possible), you bought a house, and then you got married. There was not one more thing you could have fit into 25.

Twenty-six is going to be just as great. Maybe at 26 you will actually get to live in that house you bought! That would be crazy. Twenty-six will basically be your first year of marriage to the best guy you know. You will get the chance to learn and grow together and hopefully not kill each other when the move-in date to your house is pushed back again. Because that will happen, it always happens, so brace yourself.

At 26 you are going to get a dog. Now that is exciting. The cats will definitely be pissed. Please remember to have patience with the little guy, he is your first dog after all and he will definitely pee in your new house.

I do not doubt that 26 is going to bring you a million other things that you have not even begun to think about yet. I hope that at 26 you are more open-minded, more kind, and learn to manage your time better. Seriously, time management, let’s master that already. I hope at 26 you get this blogging thing down, and finally practice with your camera. The world will be lost if you don’t up your food photography game.

Let’s make 26 the age of creativity and following your dreams without fear. Because when else are you going to do that?

Just know this: 26 will be great, you just have to make it that way.


Me, or you. Whatever.


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  1. Happy belated birthday! I love this post so much! Writing a birthday letter to yourself is awesome, and it sounds like you have lots to look forward to this year. Here’s to moving into your home, getting a new dog who pees in your new home, and playing with your camera/enjoying this creative outlet!

    As someone who’s approaching 27, I promise you that 26 will rock!

    xx Allison

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