Office/Craft Room Tour (And Office Pets)

When Chase and I were house hunting we knew we wanted at least 3 bedrooms. We really wanted a guest room, and needed an office. We already tried the office and guest room combo in our 2 bedroom condo and it never worked out. Our guests were either sleeping under a pile of papers or we moved all our junk into the master bedroom to hide it, which meant that later we were the ones sleeping under piles of things. Thank goodness for our 3 bedrooms with ample closet space, because you best believe that just about every inch of every closet is being used. (We have way too much crap.)

Since I have started making and selling cups and some other things it was super important for me to have a space of my own to store and work. It wasn’t just important to me….in our “in between houses” place (Chase’s parents’ ranch) the only place for me to set up shop was in the living room. Where Chase would play video games…I do not miss having to sit in there and work on cups while listening to Chase shoot people. And Chase does not miss having all my crap being all over the living room all the time. Our relationship has found a much happier place.

And so was born my craft room! I have always been a person who likes to create. Whether that be through writing, crafting, or cooking. I have always longed for a space that I could make my own and would serve this purpose. When I put things on the wall I don’t have to make sure Chase likes it. When there is stuff everywhere and I am in the middle of a big order, all I have to do is close the door and the mess disappears. Call me a 40yr old woman….but it is glorious. I have no shame in my craft room game.

Also, you will get a peak of the newest addition to our little family: Murray. We recently adopted a labradoodle from a nearby shelter. He has become my second little sidekick. The first sidekick is our cat, Mister. We jokingly refer to him as our first born because he was the first pet we got together. We have three now, two cats and one dog. The other cat, Mambo, is a bit more independent. Mister, however, follows me around all day if I am home, and now Murray does too. Our hearts are pretty full over here. 🙂


Standing in the doorway, here is the view. You can see just about everything, including Office Assistant #1 (Mister). The teal cart is the Raskog utility cart from Ikea, and I love it. This thing has worn many different hats in our homes: it has been a nightstand, bathroom storage, and now craft storage. I wish we had like 5 more, but after building our condo kitchen completely out of Ikea products (it was not enjoyable) Chase refuses to step foot in there ever again.

A closer look at the far wall. The metal moon was a handmade gift from my sister and I love the whimsical touch it gives the room. The marble white board, photo, and triangle cork boards are from Target.

This is an antique shelving unit we picked while antiquing in Texas. My father in law spotted it and knew it would be perfect to hold all my vinyl. The globe was a gift from my mother in law and we cut a hole in the top to use it as a place for people to put cards during our wedding.

I love having my desk right in front of the window. The desk and chair are antiques from the old offices at the wood mill that is the Morrison family business. My mother in law and I refinished the desk with white chalk paint, but the chair I left alone because I loved the color and roughness of the old wood. When we dragged it out of from storage it was so filthy and rough and that I thought we were going to have to sand it down, but it turned out to just be TONS of layers of dirt and sawdust. Once I gave it a good cleaning it was good to go. If you look closely you will get a peak of Murray under the desk.

And then a sleepy pup close-up 🙂

Chase and I found the old fan at an antique store in Chico (notice a running theme here? ha) and the little figurine is actually an old owl bell that Chase’s grandma picked up for me at a yard sale last year because she knows I love owls.

To the right of the door is where my Cricut sits, and usually the cat. Eventually Chase is going to build me a long desk/table out of two filing cabinets that will take up this whole wall. I would also like to turn the closet into one of those craft storage closets you see all over pinterest…one day. 

And in the corner of the room is a print of one of my favorite, fun quotes, “Throw kindness around like confetti.”

Oh and for those of you who are worried about Chase getting his own space-dont worry, he is turning our garage into his workshop. We just have to move the rest of our boxes out of it first….

I know this was a long post with lots of pictures for just one room, but I can’t help it, I love it in here! I will leave you now with one last cat photo, and the hopes that your week has been a good one so far.

Until next time,


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