I Survived a Week in Cabo with My Entire Family

So maybe that title is a little dramatic, but anybody with a big family understands. In all seriousness though, Chase and I just spent the best week ever in Cabo with my family. I don’t think a single thing could have gone better. Which I keep thinking back on now that we are home with bags packed and waiting by the door in case the Oroville Dam breaks and we need to evacuate. So instead I am going to do some daydreaming about the wonderful vacation we just went on!

My stepmom, or mom #2, is a pretty great vacation planner and likes to plan a trip for the whole family every now and then. She deemed this last one #ForcedTogetherness because she rented a house instead of everyone having their own hotel room. Honestly I hope we can always do that because it so much more relaxing than being around strangers all the time. Yes, I realize how terrible that sounds. I promise I like people, but it’s really nice to not have to deal with a bunch of people I don’t know…..yah there is no way to make that sound any better so I will just move right along.

We rented an amazing house in an area called Pedregal. We were way up at the tippy top of the hill so it was always an adventure directing our cab drivers up there. But the views were insane. You could see miles and miles of ocean and not to mention whales jumping all day every day. The best part about the views was that you could sit in an infinity edge pool and look at them. I can’t tell you how many hours were spent doing just that.

Our vacations are usually pretty jam packed with all sorts of activities. My dad has a hard time doing just nothing and tends to pace around in anticipation of something, anything. This trip was different, we didn’t plan anything out until we were actually there. Minus Superbowl Sunday of course, where the plan was that we ordered food and sat on the couch all day.

We arrived Saturday afternoon where we finally met up with my sister and her fiance who flew from Texas, and who of course had tequila shots and beers waiting for us. Like most crazy moms, Lisa bought us matching family shirts that read “CABO 2017” on the front and “Help! I’m on a family vacation!” on the back. Yup, all 8 of us. After immediately fueling our bodies with alcohol, because what else do you do the moment you land in Cabo, we made a stop at Costco and then headed to the house. The phrase for the first hour upon arriving was “holy shit” because nobody could believe how amazing the views were. Actually, I think that was the phrase every morning because it never got old.

As everyone would wake up each morning they would grab a bagel and gravitate to that very spot. Also, how great is it that I have asked Chase to take photos of me so often that now he just does it without me asking? And people say men can’t be trained…(I do not believe in “training” men, it’s a joke).

If you ask Chase what my favorite thing is (after Harry Potter, of course) he will tell you mornings. I love mornings. I love how quiet they are and it is when I am feeling my most creative and productive. I also savor my quiet morning cup of coffee. I think my body just knows I need this because every morning I woke up about a 1/2 hour before everyone else and enjoyed my coffee and a book overlooking the ocean.

Our first night was spent in downtown Cabo where we met up with some friends at a tiny dive bar that served dirt cheap tacos. We filled up on tacos, tequila, and then went dancing. Everyone really went for it knowing the next day was Superbowl and all we had planned was eating and laying around.

The next day looked a lot like this:

Actually, most of the days looked like that. By the way, Superbowl was nuts this year, it was easily the best Superbowl ever. Everyone had an early night that Sunday. Monday morning we woke up and decided to head to “The Office” for breakfast. This is something we always do when in Cabo and you should too. It’s a restaraunt that is on the beach, like so close to the beach that the people who walk the beach and sell things could walk right up to your table to sell you that bracelet that has “Cabo” sewn into it. Who doesn’t need one of those? Anyways, nothing beats eating breakfast while your toes are in the sand.

And that view. Nothing beats that view. We spent the afternoon walking the beach and stopping in various bars. Because when in Cabo, you drink your way around Cabo. We headed back to the house after that and relaxed by the pool, played board games on the deck, and had dinner.

Tuesday morning was spent by the pool and that  afternoon we decided to walk downtown and rent scooters, much to my parents horror. Scooter is easily the best way to get around Mexico. Actually, it is probably the best way to get around anywhere. Surprisingly enough, they have a pretty strict helmet law in Mexico, and it was damn near impossible to find parking anywhere. We explored downtown and then headed back to Pedregal.

We rented one of the privately owned houses in Pedregal but they also have a resort that we heard was really beautiful. My parents have tried to go in to see it but since it is gated they were never able to. I’m not sure what made them decide that 8 people on scooters were okay to be let in but they did! The resort is built into the side of a hill and we drove through a long tunnel that went through the hill. And because we are all very mature adults we hooped and hollered and whistled and blew our horns as we drove through the tunnel, because hey it was fun. As we emerge on the other side of the tunnel there were at least 6 employees trying to see into the tunnel to see what all the noise was about. Turns out the resort in Pedregal is very nice. And quiet. And serene. Oops. Luckily it seemed like the employees were happy to see a little life because they were laughing at us.

We parked our scooters and walked to the bar and ordered drinks and enjoyed this view:

Once we finished our drinks and decided we had disturbed the very relaxed and quiet individuals just enough, we made the trek on the scooters back up the hill to our house. Everyone rested, showered and got ready for dinner that night. The sunset that night was amazing and of course everyone had to get a photo before we headed to dinner. Insert sappy couple photo here:

We ate dinner on the beach at The Hacienda on a raised platform under a pergola. The beach was tucked in a little cove and there was some sort of pirate party ship in our view that was having a grand time. The star of the show that night was the queso that was served in an incredibly hot stone bowl that kept the cheese boiling on the table. Lisa didn’t even order dinner, she just ate queso and then picked off everyone else’s plate. That’s how good that queso was.

After dinner we decided to hit the bars, which consisted of Squid Roe and Cabo Wabo where we all had too many sugary drinks and sang Greece songs at each other for an hour before going home. Yah, it looked exactly how it sounds….

On Wednesday we took it easy. We all had a slow wake up and eventually drove the scooters back downtown for one more ride before returning them. We had drinks on the beach before heading back to our house. We spent the evening watching movies, cooking dinner, and had an early night because the next day we had a fishing trip planned.

My dad had been talking about going deep sea fishing all week, and nobody was too excited at the thought of it. It required us to be on the boat at 5:30am and stay on the boat the entire day. Since he really wanted to go we of course all went, and it turned to be an amazing day of fishing and one of our favorite days of the trip. We got to watch the sunrise before heading out and we saw whales, dolphins, and a sea turtle. Oh, and we caught 36 tuna. THIRTY-SIX. The captain said that only happens every once in a while. Once the fish started biting they didn’t stop until we headed back. Everyone on the boat caught at least 2 or 3 fish and everyone’s arms were sore the next day. As soon as we were done fishing they made us a sashimi dish. The fish hadn’t even been dead an hour, it doesn’t get any fresher than that. Oh, and it was amazingly delicious of course.

We took our fish to a restaraunt that night and the next and they cooked it for us. I don’t eat a whole lot of fish because for some reason it just weirds me out, it’s something I’m working on, but I ate so much tuna both of those nights. My mouth is watering just thinking about all the different ways they prepared it for us.

Since we were going home on Saturday we spent all day Friday just lounging around the house. We played in the pool, relaxed, and soaked in the amazing view in front of us. The last day of vacation is always so bittersweet, especially when you have to part ways with family members.

I don’t think we took one second for granted, every single day was so great. It can be hard to go on a vacation and do things that the entire group enjoys, but this one nailed it on the head. Is it summer time yet? Because now I am ready for some sunshine and water.


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