Floral Letter Tutorial

This project is actually for my wedding, but I am definitely hanging this letter up after the wedding (and probably before). I have seen these big, floral letters all over the internet and have been dying to make one! The rainy Saturday we had here in Northern California was the perfect opportunity.

There are a ton of different ways this project can go. Originally I wanted to find a giant foam letter, but they were harder to find then I thought. Michaels is selling these big metal letters right now, about a foot tall, and the back side of them are hollow. I found this one and it was actually a maroon red, so I spray painted it tan to create a neutral canvas for my flowers.

Two Ms


Speaking of the flowers, I basically walked around Michaels and picked out the flowers I like best. I stuck with a white/cream and peach palette, with pops of natural green. I also grabbed a couple of fake succulents.


I traced the letter onto a sheet of foam that happened to be the perfect size. The only real challenge was cutting the foam. I took this foam cutter that gets to about 410F and traced the M out of the foam, and I only burnt myself once, which is shocking. Fitting the foam into the letter didn’t go quite as planned and I ended up having to shave off a few more parts of the letter, and I may have broken the foam into a few pieces just to get it in there….but since it was being covered in flowers it didn’t need to be pretty!

DSC_0375M DSC_0372M



I thought about using a hot glue gun to stick the letters to the foam but opted out for fear of melting the foam. Luckily just sticking the flowers into the foam did the trick! If any come loose before the wedding I can just glue them on, but they stuck in pretty well. 


The finished product turned out great! Some of the flowers stick out a bit more then others, and I really had no pattern I was following, but thats what I love about it. I just stuck the flowers in randomly and adjusted as I went along so that no foam was visible.

I am thinking of making another one of these, just bigger. If any of you have done something like this and have any tips, leave them in the comment box below!



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