FINALLY Home Sweet Home

This weekend we had our first sort of get together in the new house. It was the kind that started as just having another couple come over to BBQ and enjoy the nice weather and then it turned into having a small group over, such is a Saturday night in a small town. Chase and I are entertainers. We love people and we love to have our family and friends over whenever possible. I am one of those people who enjoys when family and friends just drop in to say hi or for an unexpected dinner party. It’s one of the many reasons we chose the house we did, underneath all the dirt and grime and hideous wood paneling we saw the open the concept with big entertaining spaces and knew that it would be perfect for our lifestyle.

We have been in the house about a month now, and almost every day Chase says, “Why haven’t you posted any photos or updates on the blog?!” He is so right, but life gets carried away sometimes, ya know? We still have several things that are unfinished so I was trying to wait it out until they were finished, but I figured if we were going to start having people over then I owe my blog followers some updates!  Knowing me, I will never stop organizing, decorating, and changing things around. At 2,365 square feet, this house feels HUGE compared to our last place which was 975 square feet. We have a guest room, I actually have an office, and Chase has a garage that he can turn into his workshop. Oh, and then we have a backyard. It’s huge! We are only using a small portion of it at the moment because Chase is planting our lawn, but it is more than enough room for us already. The lawn just started to sprout and Chase is a very happy plant daddy. He walks out there every morning and gets really low to the ground to check it, it’s hilarious.

Our weekends have turned into working around the house and now that the weather is warming up we are becoming yard people, whatever that means. Actually I know exactly what it means: we spend mornings at Home Depot and Lowes, we buy plants with the same excitement as kids in Toys R Us, and I make Chase help me rearrange our patio 17 times. Also, I have started a small herb garden and am feeling very fulfilled. What is it about gardening? I’m not sure we will ever leave the house now that we are moved in….it was nice knowing you social life.

And now for some updates on a few of the rooms, I’m going to drag it out because the whole house isn’t clean today and I am lazy 😀


Our master bedroom is everything I have ever wanted in a master bedroom. It’s spacious without having a weird amount of space that makes you think,”Why do you this much room in a bedroom?”, and it’s bright and airy. We get SO MUCH natural sunlight in here that during the day I hardly ever turn the overhead lights on. I’m trying to keep the colors in here very neutral so that it keeps it a calming space. 

This vanity is one of my favorite things in the room. My dad had it refinished for my mom years and years ago and she has been keeping it for me. I switched the old knobs for some pretty crystal ones and I go back and forth on whether or not I want to refinish it…I’m tempted to paint it white and antique it but I also love the natural wood finish. That drawing in the center of it is a hand drawn photo of my wedding dress. One of my bridesmaids had it made for me as a shower gift and it is one of my favorite things I own.

Chase loves Harrison Ford. My mother in law tells me stories of how she made him an Indiana Jones costume for halloween one year and he wore it until it was in pieces. So Han Solo get’s a special place in our room (because he also loves Star Wars)….*cough* nerd *cough*

This himalayan salt lamp is a recent purchase but we LOVE it. Have you heard about all the hype with these things? Google it, they’re supposed to be healthy for the air or something. All I know is it’s pretty, makes a great night light, and since we have been using it we sleep a lot better.

Aren’t those wires sticking out of the wall lovely? It’s all the rage now. (One of many things that still need to be done.)

This is Aloe, our aloe vera plant. We are very creative with our plant names.

You can see the pretty towel hooks my mother in law gave to us in the medicine cabinet mirror. Chase fought me for a long time on the medicine cabinet mirrors because we couldn’t have them recessed into the wall. I’m really glad I won this one because now all of our bathroom stuff isn’t all over the counters. They are from Pottery Barn but I scored them for way cheaper on Ebay.

One day we will have a shower door here…

I found the curtains at Target and bought them for the master bed and bath because I love them. They are white and lined with little grey poms. So simple and clean and a little fun. I might buy them for the living room as well.

I am SO EXCITED to have a guest bedroom. With the big windows I figured a headboard might look a little funny but the curtains kind of act like one. The nightstands are actually made of two crates that I stained and stacked on top of each other.

No room is complete without a little plant life :).

This chalkboard was a wedding present and I knew it would be perfect for writing “Be Our Guest”onto. One of the many things I have seen on Pinterest that made me say, “I NEED to make that!”

The guest bedroom is a really great sized room and definitely not finished yet. Also, those closets are perfectly clean and are NOT filled with boxes and things we haven’t unpacked yet. 🙂

So that’s where we are so far! Up next I’ll post my office/craft room and maybe our spare bath, but it doesn’t look much different than the last post because our lights and mirrors still aren’t up. Also not far off: the kitchen, living, and dining room. Thanks for following along friends!

Until next time,

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  1. Congratulations on moving in and getting settled. Isn’t it such a great feeling?! Your bedroom looks amazing – love that shiplap! I’m trying to become a yard person, but am discovering that I have lots to learn, so please share any tips that you guys learn along the way!

    xx Allison

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    1. Allison, I am the same way! I’ve always said I have a black thumb. I even kill succulents but things seem to turning around….*knocks on wood* I will keep you updated with any tips and tricks 🙂

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