Feeling Twenty-Five

Twenty-five is one of those great, big monumental ages. Not in the way that 18 or 21 are, but in a way that it seems more becomes expected of you. You really start “adulting.” It is supposedly the age where being a twenty-something isn’t necessarily an excuse for being unprepared for life (but really, who is ever actually prepared for life?).

It is a scary and unknowing time in my young adult life, but so far it has been my absolute favorite. I am forever going to remember 25 as when I got engaged and then married! At 25 I am moving back to my hometown that I have not lived in for 6 years. I am planning the rest of my life with the love of my life, and in all of this I am constantly learning about myself.

Therefore, it only makes sense that 25 is the time I finally do something I have always wanted to do. It is the time that I start a blog. If anything, in ten years I will be able to look back at 25 and see what it is I was doing and feeling. So here goes nothing, this orange wallflower is emerging from the woodwork. Welcome to my little space in the Internet.

This is going to be the space where I share my favorite recipes. I am going to show you guys some fun DIYS, and I am going to share with you my travels. It is going to be a space to watch my small family grow and learn. And by family, I mean my fiancé and two cats, because yes they are definitely important family members. And by grow, I mean I am determined to get a dog by the end of this year. Basically, there is going to be a lot of food, a lot of new beginnings, and a lot of learning. And I am really excited to share it all with you.



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