Enjoy Every Damn Day of Being Engaged

Chase and I are currently in the thick of planning our wedding. Yesterday I finally found THE  dress. And I mean it, when you see this dress you are going to want to wear it to your wedding, whether you are male or female. Okay, so maybe not, but that is how every bride should feel about their dress.

I loved dress shopping. I loved trying on pounds of lace and tulle and having someone dress me like a life-sized barbie and then standing up on a platform and having some of the most important women in my life let me know what they thought. I also know that some people hate that, usually I would. There are some people who just hate wedding planning. It stresses them out and they really just want everything to be over with. This makes me sad. I have loved 99.9% of wedding planning. Maybe thats what I should do when I grow up….

Something I have found that is most common when wedding planning is everyone else’s opinions (so of course, I am about to give you mine). I know you have heard this before, that you shouldn’t listen to everyone else and just listen to your inner voice and your partner etc etc…. Its not that easy. Far from it. You get opinions from everyone. The cashier in the grocery store, the random lady walking her dog, and then there are your closest friends and family. Those are the worst, no surprise.

There are a couple different people you will run into while wedding planning. There are people who have already been married and want you to do everything the same way they did. There are people who have never been married but think that half of the things you are doing are ridiculous. There are the family members who expect you to invite other family members you have never and will never meet. There are so many people expecting so many things of you.

And here is the funny thing, one of the things you will hear most is to slow down and just enjoy the day because it goes by in a blink of the eye. I am positive this is true, but here is my advice: Enjoy every damn day of being engaged. Whether your engagement is long or short, just drink it in. If all goes as planned, you will never be engaged again. Which makes me very sad because I am damn good at it. Do you want to know what my favorite part is?  I hope so because I am telling you anyways. It’s the champagne. When Chase and I got engaged we drank champagne with friends and family late into the night. It is celebration juice and it is my favorite, now I always want champagne.

Enjoy the cake tasting, and picking out flowers. Soak up people fawning over your left hand and telling you congratulations. This is a magical time. Strangers are excited for you because being in love is exciting. Your engagement is not just about planning a wedding. It is about being madly in love and planning your coming out party as a couple. It is kick-starting forever with your favorite human.

I have gotten a lot of congratulations over the last few months. The most interesting one I got was from an Uber driver in Beverly Hills. I was in the car with my stepmom and sister and we were talking about wedding dresses and the Uber driver looked back and told me, “Congratulations on finding someone that you actually went to spend that much time with, and who wants the same with you.” I know it doesn’t sound that romantic, but it was the most realistic congratulations I’ve gotten. And it’s true, throughout the stress that is wedding planning I couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone else. But I guess thats the point of marrying someone, right?

ANYWAYS, this post took a couple different turns, but my point is this: take a second to realize you are planning the best party of your life. And even if your center pieces aren’t perfect, the people that are there for your big day are. The people you and your partner choose to surround yourself with are the best part about the day. I promise.








**Shoutout to Photos by Shayla for our amazing engagement photos.

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