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It feels SO good to be back to my little blog! This has definitely been on the back burner lately…getting married tends to take front and center ya know? I have so much to update you all on, because I know everyone who reads my blog (Hi, moms!) is just dying for another post. Since this blog is kind of like my diary, all the boring and not so boring details will go into it, but I’ve already warned you guys about that.

Perhaps my favorite part about deciding to make this blog public to my family and friends is that now I get people asking when I am going to post next, it was even written in some of our wedding cards! This is honestly one of the coolest things to hear people say, that they want to read more of my writing. Although I am pretty sure people just want more disgusting photos of our house…but oh well, you gotta start somewhere.

So Chase and I did this thing where we got married and then went on the honeymoon. It was pretty wonderful, and both events will have their own blog posts entirely, I’m just waiting for the rest of our photos on both events. I just wanted to let everyone know I am still alive and still very much committed to this whole blogging thing!

We had the best time on our honeymoon and didn’t want to come home, but we were also very anxious to get back to our house that has been in pieces since we bought it. Well I am SO happy to say that we are finally in the stages of putting it back together! We had to replumb and rewire the entire house, as well as move around and take down some walls. Oh and we evicted about a bajillion termites that did way more damage than we anticipated.

That is all behind us now! We are down to three bedrooms instead of four, which means our master bed and bath and GIANT closet is now shelled out. Our laundry nook is also now in place and we have all our plans drawn up. We are rockin’ and rollin’ and it is so exciting. Every time we go over there something else has changed. We just might make that Christmas deadline we are hoping for! Cross your fingers for us.

This last weekend we removed the deck and hideous green overhang in the backyard. It makes the backyard look even bigger. I’m already imagining our new deck and all the bbqing we will do on it. It gets a little repetitive for me to post pictures of a worn down house, but if you guys want to see some “behind the scenes” of the remodel, follow me on snapchat: hal3st0rm. That’s halestorm…but the “e” is a three and “0” is actually a zero…I wish I would have known you can’t change your username when I created mine. Also, if you do add me on snapchat be prepared for a lot of cat snaps. And me bugging Chase. But also the remodel! It’s a gamble really.

I know this post has been all over the place but I just missed you guys so much that I wanted to give an update! More organized posts to come, I promise 🙂

Now I am going to go bake banana bread or cookies or something because we are having a perfectly cloudy, fall day over here and I couldn’t be enjoying it more.




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