Antiquing Our Way Through Texas

Chase and I just returned from our amazing trip to Texas with his parents. There is an antique fair that goes on twice a year, in the spring and fall, and they always attend. They fly out, rent a U-Haul, fill it up, and drive it back to California. Their home and ranch is filled with the most beautiful antique pieces. Chase and I are also antique lovers and have frequented the many shops in our area. Well let me tell you, we are now ruined. This year John and Trish (my in-laws) invited us to come along with them, and it was AMAZING.

Let me start from the beginning though, because getting their (and coming home) was no easy task. Our flight was early Friday morning at 6:25. The night before we realized that my boarding pass read “Haley Morrison” instead of my maiden name, which is a problem because I am the biggest procrastinator in the world and have yet to change my name. We called United Airlines and they told us it was no problem, they would make a note on my file, and we would go right through. We should have known it wouldn’t be that easy….

We arrive at the airport to see the security line the longest I have ever seen it. When we finally arrrive to person handling tickets and ID we explain to them our situation and immediately get the “it’s too early for this shit” look and they ask for our marriage license. Which of course we don’t have because that would make way too much sense. Long, LOOOONNNGGG story short: we had to stand aside while they called headquarters, which is Washington D.C., and explain to them what is going on. I also had to fill out paperwork and answer questions to confirm my identity. At this point the task of me getting through security has been handed off to a very unhappy woman who lectured me while she was on hold with headquarters. When they decided that the little blonde girl from California was not a terrorist they walk me through security, give me a very thorough pat down, went through every piece of my luggage and purse, and then we had to sprint to our gate because boarding ended 15 minutes ago. We made it, luckily.

So after quite the morning we land in Austin that afternoon. We rented a car, picked up John and Trish’s U-Haul, and go straight to the Texas version of Bevmo. We grabbed bottles of wine and blinking shamrock necklaces because it was St. Patrick’s Day and my mother-in-law is quite possibly one of the most festive people you will meet. We then headed to Bastrop, a town about 50 miles out of Round Top, and we got situated in our hotel, had a glass of wine, and discussed where to go to to dinner. Bastrop is a cool little town with an adorable downtown area full of old buildings. We decided on a Mexican restaraunt that happened to have a live band that night. We filled up on queso, tacos, and green margaritas. It was the perfect first night in Texas.

We woke up bright and early Saturday morning and headed to Round Top. John and Trish have a favorite spot they like to hit first thing in the morning. The drive their was quick and beautiful, even though it was a foggy morning. We drove through lush, green pastures and fields dotted with wild flowers. Every couple of minutes we passed an old barn turned into an antique store, or an old building, or just a tent. It was insane. When  Chase and I heard antique fair we thought we were going to one location in Round Top and that was the antique fair. In reality there were mulltiple fair ground size areas with tons of tents set up. They were everywhere we looked and some went as far as the eye could see. It would be impossible to go to all of them.

The first place John and Trish wanted to hit was a place called Blue Hills. There were vendors selling French antiques, Persian rugs, old farm equipment, EVERYTHING. We spent the whole morning there just wandering from tent to tent with our mouths hanging open, there was so much to see and so many pieces with amazing history behind them. One of the things that impressed me the most is that most of these antique dealers can remember off the top of their head where each piece came from and what it used to be or what it was used for. I could have have listened to the history of these pieces all day. There was a man there named AJ who ran one of their favorite tents and remembered John and Trish as soon as they walked up. We spent quite some with him. At almost every place we stopped the parking lot would have rows of U-Hauls. Tons of people just stalking up on antiques, whether they were collectors or dealers.

After Blue Hill we went down the road a little ways and hit The Round Top Dance Hall. There we found an old, GIANT table that was used to put together mattresses back in the day, an airstream converted into a clothing store that came with an adorable Boxer pup who greeted you at the door, and some great pizza. We also found my sister there! Okay, that was planned. My sister and her fiancé live in Austin so they drove to come meet us for the second half of the day. We are pretty lucky that we get to see them often, but it’s rare on their turf. It was a highlight of the trip.

Afer the dance hall we all headed down the road to a HUGE tent-filled area that was broken up into roads and sections because it was so big. It was like a city of antiques with road names and all. We spent the entire, very hot, afternoon there. My first mission was to find a hat so I could hide from the sun, and my second was to find a snow cone. Both missions were successful. We met a ton of interesting people there, including a British man who comes to the show every year and a guy who was selling beer out of his RV fridge.

After helping John and Trish load up their finds into the U-Haul we carravaned back to Bastrop for dinner that night. There is a restaraunt called Neighbors that is right along the river that we were dying to try out. While we waited for our table we went next door to a distillery to grab some drinks. The distillery was a Moscow Mule place and they made their own vodka and moonshine. Us ladies enjoyed our drinks on the patio over-looking the water while the men were given a tour of the distillery. We had to drag them out of there when it was time to be seated. We got seated, ordered drinks and wings, and then took a look at the menu and everyone decided they weren’t crazy impressed with it. So we drank a little, ate a little, and headed to a small restaraunt downtown with a live band. Everyone enjoyed burgers and the music. Sadly this was where we parted ways with my sister and soon to be brother-in-law. Luckily they are getting married here in California in October so it won’t be long before we see them for wedding festivities.

The next morning we woke up with sore feet but ready to tackle our second day in Round Top! We needed to stop at Walmart on our way to grab tie-downs for the U-Haul, so we decided to grab waters and ciders to keep in the cooler for the hot day. Well we learned the hard way at 10am that Texas does not sell alcohol before noon on Sundays. We received some very judgemental looks from the cashier. Poor, confused, alcoholic Californians….

As we were driving through the same cow pastures we stopped at a random, old building with tons of “junk” outside. We spent a solid hour there, I think it was Chase’s favorite spot. There were tons of really big pieces, like armoires and giant trunks, and most of it was from Germany or Norway.  A lot of it wasn’t really our style but it was so cool to just look at it all. We hit another fair grounds type area after that and spent another couple hours. I am so glad we stopped there because A) I found a pretzel and beer cheese stand and B) we found an old cabinet/shelf unit that was perfect for our office/my craft room!

We then headed further into Round Top into a very colorful area. Lots of colorful buildings and trailers lined the roads. We walked around a bit and then John and Trish wanted to takes us Reba’s for lunch, which was a great rib joint that used to be Reba McEntire’s house. Sadly it was closed :(. So we headed down the street a little ways and there was a little place set up in between buildings. No building, just a BBQ, a tent, and picnic tables. There weren’t even any plates! We ate the best brisket sandwiches any of us had ever had, and of course the people were incredibly nice. After lunch I was determined to take us to a MIMOSA TRAILER we passed on the way in. Have I mentioned that Chase and I (mostly me) are obsessed with vintage trailers? Well when we got to it we found out it was closed. It is damn near impossible to find alcohol in Texas on a Sunday.

We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering from tent to tent, barn to barn, field to field. There was never not something to see. We had our last dinner at a place called Roadhouse, where we had salads that were bigger then our heads and we had to duck out of the way of flying June bugs.

We went to bed early that night because the next morning we were waking up early for our drive to WACO! That, however is a blog post all on its own because you all know of my love for Fixer Upper.

Until next time,

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