Hi, friends! My name is Haley, welcome to my little spot here in the internet. I am a twenty-seven year old fur mom and teacher. I love to create; whether that be with food, words, or art supplies. In all reality, Instagram just wasn’t big enough to contain all my food photos. Okay I’m just kidding (mostly).

I started this blog because I have always loved writing, and since graduating from college in 2015 and entering the “real world” there has been a lot less writing in my life. So here I am changing that. I really do love all things food, so you are going to see a lot of food posts around here. Some other posts you will see on my site are lifestyle, traveling, DIY,  a lot of remodeling, and a few more.

My husband and I recently bought a house that we are basically taking down to the studs and making our own, and we couldn’t be more excited. We are also new puppy parents, so definitely stick around here if you want to see cute puppy pictures, because who doesn’t want to see cute puppy pictures?

I hope you enjoy yourself here, I know I do!