A Day at Shiplap Disneyland

This post is SO over due…..it’s been weeks since we got back from Texas. I have a good excuse, I promise. As most of you already know because you follow me on social media, we finally moved into our house!!! Now I am sure you are saying,  “What?! Then where are the pictures? We want proof!” We still have a few things to get done. While it is finally far enough along to live in we are still missing a couple things like drawer pulls, vanity lights, an island countertop….the list goes on. However it is a great feeling to be in our house. Even the cats are happier.

ANYWAYS, all that is a post for another day, today’s post is about Magnolia Market and The Silos. In case you weren’t sure, Chase and I are huge Fixer Upper fans. Ideal Sunday: laying on the couch watching Fixer Upper re-runs and eating anything in sight. We now have a love for all things shiplap, and because Chase sells shiplap it was just the obvious answer for us when remodeling our house. So when we were in Texas last month we knew we couldn’t leave without visiting Waco.

We woke up extra early on our last day in Texas to get a head start on our 2 hour drive. It was was going to be a long day of traveling since we were also flying out that evening. The best part about getting into Waco was being able to see the tops of the Silos as you got closer. Like seeing the rides at the amusement park before actually getting there. We found parking that was walking distance and I think I might have skipped the whole way there. One thing to keep in mind about The Silos is that it is a huge tourist attraction. My in-laws had been before so they warned us about what it would be like. I keep calling it Shiplap Disneyland because that really is what it is like, there are people everywhere. No corner of the store or the grain barn was empty and there was a line for everything. At one point I was standing in the bathroom line and waving at Chase while we was in the cashier line. If you can get past that than it is still a fun place to visit, but if you don’t like crowds then I suggest waiting a few years until the buzz dies down a bit.

Everything was decorated for Spring and it was so fun to see all the different design elements, and of course all the different variations of shiplap ;). The grain barn may have been the coolest area of the store with its huge ceilings and open feel. You felt like you were outside. There was everything you could have imagined for decorating, and all with that farm house feel. It was a little pricey, but that was also to be expected. We didn’t purchase any of the design items, but I couldn’t leave without a coffee mug and shirt. Chase says I have a coffee mug problem…I think of it as a coffee mug passion.

It was so fun to be in a space designed by Chip and Jojo themselves. I follow Joanna on Instagram so I have seen her posts in the past about decorating at The Silos for Spring. Yes I am a total fan girl and was excited to be in a space just touched by Joanna Gaines. #NoShame

Once you get into the Grain Barn you can even see a section called “Chip’s Corner”, which could have been twice as big with all the Chip fans that were crowded into it.

Probably the coolest part about the Silo’s is that Chip and Joanna created it as a place for people to hang out and enjoy their day. There is no charge to get in and in the back is an open area with a field that is complete with lawn furniture and outdoor toys like football, frisbee, and corn hole. Food trucks line the outskirts and there are swinging benches and picnic tables set up. The weather was perfect when we were there, nice and sunny but not humid.

In the far back corner is a little gardening shop and garden. There they sell gardening decor, plants, and Joanna’s “Plant Lady” shirts. I wanted one but since I have black thumb instead of a green one I thought I better not.

One of the things I was really excited to see was the bakery that they just opened up! On the show Joanna is often seen cooking or baking for her family and then they finally decided to open up a bakery right next to The Silos. The flavor options were awesome: Lemon Lavender, Toasted Coconut, Shiplap, Silobration, the list goes on. We tried Lemon Lavender and Toasted Coconut and they were amazing. 

The bakery had a long line but it was definitely worth it. After enjoying our cupcakes and a cold drink on the patio we walked around the outdoor area a bit until we were ready to grab lunch before our drive home. One of the coolest parts of the day, which is hard to say really, was driving by the shotgun house as we left. If you watch the show, there is an episode of a young couple who fall in love with a house that is on land that has already been purchased by other people. The other people were going to tear down the house, which was a kind of house called a shotgun house, so they told them that if they wanted to take the house they could have it. So Chip and Joanna literally moved the house to a different piece of land, which was right around the corner from The Silos! I could have some of those details wrong, but that episode was one of our favorites so I remember it pretty well. The house is now up on Airbnb and I am not sure if anyone still lives there, but it was so cool to see one of the houses that Chip and Joanna brought back to life!

Ending our trip to Texas in Waco was very much worth the extra driving. Next goal: go back to Texas and stay in one one of the Fixer Upper homes, there are quite a few on Airbnb!

I promise to soon have some photos up of the new house, we are slowly but surely getting all settled in. Make sure to follow me Instagram for some sneak peaks!

Until Next Time,

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