4th of July + Champagne Pancakes

Who doesn’t love all things American? Such as but not limited to: red, white, and blue manicures, American flag crop tops, and patriotic food? The 4th of July just reeks of freedom, if freedom smells like hot dogs and beer that is. I got to spend mine in Tahoe with Chase and his family and a couple of our friends. We went to an awesome concert on Friday, the Eagles and Elton John cover bands, and funnest part is always watching all the old people really get down. Like really get down. They have not one care in the world and it is the most glorious thing to watch.

The rest of our weekend consisted of neighborhood frisbee golf, floating down the Truckee River, and board games. Oh and I went horseback riding with my aunt. It was everything a weekend should be and I’m really glad today is Thursday and that it’s close to the next weekend because I’m already having withdrawals. Why can’t real life just be a permanent weekend?

4th of July Weekend

When I woke up on the Saturday following the concert I had a little bug. And by bug, I mean hangover. Because who knew that mass amounts of vodka and dancing went so well with tribute bands? So I did what any other hungover person does the next morning and I rummaged for food. Then I was struck by a brilliant idea, and by brilliant idea I mean I copied my grandpas family-famous beer pancakes. Instead of beer I went with champagne, then topped them with strawberries, and it was glorious.

Everyone slowly emerged from their rooms to the smell of pancakes. It’s amazing what a cup of coffee and a little hair of the dog that bit you will do for your hangover. They turned out so great, and were so easy, that I made them every morning for the rest of the weekend!

They are seriously so easy that I don’t really have a recipe to post for them. All I did was take a box of buttermilk pancake mix, the kind that you just add water to, and used champagne instead of water. The pancake box has a little table on it that show you how much water and mix to use for how many servings you want to make. I used one of those mini bottles of champagne which was a little more liquid then called for but I like my pancakes on the thin side and not fluffy. So if you want fluffy pancakes, just swap out the water for champagne and you are good to go. I kept adding champagne until the batter reached the runny consistency that I like. I used fresh champagne, but you can use day-old as well. Another trick to these pancakes is adding vanilla. I added about a teaspoon and a half to batter that was meant to serve about 6 people.

They were so good I didn’t even use syrup. Just fresh berries.

Champagne Pancakes

I’m pretty sure these are going to be mine and Chase’s new weekend ritual. When we are actually home for the weekend….which is almost never.

Did you do anything fun for the 4th?! Let me know in the comments!




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